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Place your order online and pick up in-store to make your visit fast and easy!

When you arrive at the dispensary, check in using your photo ID and tell the front desk staff that you placed an online order. You will need to pay with cash at time of pick up. Please be aware that your state THC limit will determine how much you can purchase. A waiver can be easily submitted to increase your limit.

Flower deals
  • 30% Off Bud and Mary’s Oreoz x AK47 $99 ozs**
  • Buy 2 ozs, save $10 (Excludes $35 Shake ozs)
  • $59-$170 ozs
  • $35 Shake ozs
  • Buy any two ½ ozs, get $5 off
  • 8/$100 or BOGO Build your own oz with Bud & Mary’s 8ths**
  • 5/$100 Glo OG 1/8s***
  • 2/$90 Glo Exotic 1/8s
  • $30 Terple Gang 1/8s
  • $15 MKX 1/8s
  • 10/$40 Bud and Mary’s 1g pre-roll*
  • Pre-rolled Bud and Mary’s Oz for $95 (1g pre-rolls)*
  • $10 Heritage 5pk pre-rolls*
  • $4 Heritage 1g pre-roll
  • $45 MKX 3.5g Moonrocks
  • 3/$25 Ready to Roll Shake 1/8s
  • 3/$20 1g House pre-rolls
  • 5/$30 1g House pre-rolls
  • 2/$60 Stiiizy 2g blunts
  • $20 Tango Jack 1/8s
  • *(Select Strains While supplies last)
    **( Excludes Customers Discounts)
    *** (Excludes GLO Exotic Line)
Edible deals
  • $4 Harbor Farmz Sugar Shots
  • 4/$17 MKX 100mg Gummies
  • $8 True North 200mg Gummies
  • $8 Northern Lights 200mg Gummies
  • $15 Harbor Farmz Chonic Tonic 200mg Syrup
Vape deals
  • 10/$100 Batch 1g vapes
  • 3/$100 Batch 2g vapes
  • $40 Batch 2g All-In-One vapes
  • $20 Platinum 1g All-In-One vapes
  • $25 Breeze 1g All-In-One vapes
  • $27.50 Breeze Pro 1g All-In-One vapes
  • $13 Sticky Mitten 1g Vapes
  • 15/$100 Dragonfly 1g Vapes
  • $10 Fluresh 1g Vapes
  • $25 Trap House 1g Live Resin All-In-One Vapes
  • $15 Trap House 1g Vapes
  • 4/$100 269 1g Live Resin All-In-One Vapes
  • 3/$90 Stiiizy 1g Vapes
  • 3/$100 Stiiizy 1g CDT Vapes
  • $15 Crude Boys 1g Vapes
Concentrate deals
  • $13 Sticky Mitten 2g Kief
  • $105 Harbor Farmz 10g Live Resin Baller Bucket
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Our rewards program earns you points every time you make a purchase! Rewards points are earned with a every dollar spent. The more you buy the more you earn!

How to enroll

Open link.
Enter contact information.
Select Iowa under 'Preferred State'
Check box and sign.

How to check points

Open link.
Enter phone or email.
You will receive a link via text or email.
Open link.
Select Yes to allow notifications.
Points are displayed at the top.
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How to redeem points

(Must be done at register in-store)
Inform budtender at register you would like to redeem points.

How it works

Exclusive offers & deals.

Join Bud & Mary's rewards program to begin earning points today! Gain access to exclusive offers & deals! Redeem points on all products & merch purchases. Sign up using the button below or ask a dispensary specialist during your next visit to a Bud & Mary's dispensary.

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At sign-up, receive a one-time 15% off discount for any merch item in-store at your next purchase.
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Iowa Cartridge Return Policy

All sales on medical cannabis are final. Bud & Mary’s may be able to replace a cartridge if all of the following criteria are met:
Product was purchased in the last 30 days
Product is at least 50% full
Product was used on an approved battery
Product failure is a result of manufacturing defect

New name. Same faces.

Gatsby sold this location and will open a new store later this year. Bud & Mary’s now owns and operates this location. Bud & Mary’s is a family-owned and operated cannabis company. Our dispensary name is a tribute to the founders of our 3rd generation family business, Bud & Mary. We currently grow cannabis in Michigan, Colorado and Iowa. Our teams share one thing in common-our collective passion for cannabis.

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Looking for the best selection AND best deals? Head on over to Bud & Mary's newest recreational cannabis dispensary in Michigan, just outside of Kalamazoo.

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