From harvest to home.

Bud & Mary's is dedicated to delivering the best cannabis experience. With direct control through cultivation, formulation, packaging and dispensaries, we can maintain the highest standards of quality.

Our Core values

Empathy & Expertise

Our core values drive everything we do, resulting in the best possible Bud & Mary's cannabis products.

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It's important to remember that we're all just people. We're just people with different experiences, perspectives, and reasons for being involved with cannabis.

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If you're going to do something, do it right. We believe in doing everything we can to do things 'right'. From seed to sale, we know this will produce the best products.

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Formulating the future of cannabis.

Science you can trust.

Bud & Mary's takes a future-forward approach to cannabis. From cultivation to formulation and beyond, we leverage our deep roots in plant science and medical cannabis research to deliver high-quality products. Our teams incorporate pharmaceutical experience along with organic and sustainable best practices to create consistent cannabis products across all of our brands.

bud and marys science-backed research
America's post-prohibition era.

History & heritage.

Our country has a long and complicated relationship with cannabis. Generations of marginalized communities have been irreversibly impacted. Acknowledging injustice and fighting to restore equality is critical, while continuing to celebrate progress, legal victories, and the influence cannabis has had on our music and culture.

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Its OK to feel OK.

Something for everyone.

People are unique, just like experiences with cannabis. We make something for everyone. Bud & Mary's cannabis products are available in a variety of forms, sizes, doses, designs and strengths. Explore our brands like Batch, Aliviar and Become and discover what works best for you!

bud and marys - for everyone

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