Lifestyles powered by science.

Bud & Mary's cultivates a variety of medical and lifestyle cannabis brands. Each product we design is powered by our pharmaceutical approach to cannabis science. Safe, dependable and consistent. We make products you'll love.

Bud & Mary's flower

Research-driven, locally grown, and made with care. Our incredible strains are the result of years of expert pheno-hunting and meticulous selection. Everyone deserves high-quality, no-nonsense cannabis.

available in Colorado & michigan


celebrating local partnerships

Our carefully selected Michigan cultivators deliver quality flower at the best prices. Our rigorous testing requirements ensure you’ll never get a bad batch.

available in michigan
themyx cannabis

Fast-dissolving THC powder

The Myx uses nano-particles to create a mixable, powdered cannabis. No wasted cannabinoids. No calories. No sugars. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. Vegan. From milkshakes to ketchup (maybe don't combine those), mix it into anything!

available in Colorado & Iowa
batch extracts logo

Big flavor, incredibly smooth.

Hand-crafted, small batch cannabis

Batch cannabis is the best selling cart in Colorado since 2020. Designed for the cannasseur, Batch carts have zero harmful additives and boast wildly popular flavors.

available in michigan, Colorado, & iowa
batch Become

The perfect ratio.

Not everyone wants maximum THC. Become vape carts offer a variety of strain-specific blends of CBD & THC. No harmful additives. Nothing but nature. Nice.

available in iowa & Colorado
aliviar logo

Performance medicine

Instantly effective natural relief

Aliviar™ cannabis products take a pharmaceutical approach to cannabis science. Farmed and formulated for condition specific relief. You can always trust Aliviar performance medicine to help you through the day.

available in iowa & Colorado